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  • PSYCH-K® and Healy - What are the differences?
    PSYCH-K® and Healy are different modality, each with its own powerful benefits for personal transformation. The major differences are explained below: PSYCH-K® - Partners (clients) choose the areas to focus on. As your facilitator we will work together to identify your priorities, then create new beliefs that support your goals and desired outcomes. HEALY - Identifies areas that need attention, this can be very powerful when the areas / blockages might not be in the conscious mind. eg - certain unwanted behavious / thinking patterns might be traced to relationship with parents when client was a child, or long standing generational family way of being, such as living in lack mentality instead of abundant mindset. Both PSYCH-K® and Healy compliment each other, allowing one to transform on all levels of body, mind and spirit. From the psysical and scientific standpoint: PSYCH-K® provides balances that result in whole brain state (both brain hemispheres lit up to communicate with each other) which allows new program / belief system to be "written / installed" on subscious level. This results in a vast potential that foster lasting change. Healy is a physical device that scans the bioenergetic field to identify any disharmonisation, and send remote frequencies over the quantum field for optimisation. In addition, Healy also has the physical application capability, using microcurrent to increase the ATP production to optimise our cells in the body, which increase well being and vitality on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. This cutting edge technology from Germany is invented by Marcus Schmieke, a reasearch scientist and physicist on quantum theory.
  • What do I need to prepare prior to my session?
    A comfortable and quiet place to sit in with no interruption for the session would be ideal. We also encourage having a pen and a notepad handy just in case you would like to take notes on something important during session. Other handy tips are: Tested working camera, microphone, headset, and internet connection prior to the session starting. For phone session please make sure your hands are free especially for PSYCH-K® session. A glass of water and some tissues. An open and curious mind.
  • What is the rescheduling, cancellation and refund policy?
    Any rescheduling and cancellation needs to be notified at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled session. Any no-shows will not be entitled to rescheduling or refund.
  • Do you guarantee specific results / outcome from the sessions?
    Sessions are structured according to your priorities and are designed to support your journey. Although our clients generally report positive changes we do not guarantee specific results / outcomes.
  • PSYCH-K® - What do I expect from a session?
    In the session we look your current prioritised situation / condition, then identify your desired experience followed by PSYCH-K® Balances. It is important to note that PSYCH-K® results in a Whole Brain State with every Balance. The resulting state is an expansion beyond, or out of, previous limiting programming, thinking and beliefs. Because of this more options and potential are then available to manifest, attract or pursue the desired experiences. PSYCH-K® DOES NOT always entirely transform an unwanted experience, nor exclusively produce a desired result everytime a balance is completed, though some people have reported success in such a way.
  • Healy - What do I expect from a session?
    In the session we scan your personal bioenergetic field remotely and identify the areas of disharmonisation using an Aura Analysis module. A report is generated where it provides insights into the area we can work on. Some insights can be quite profound as they can be anscestral and lineage based. After looking into the analysis a personalised tailored frequencies module will be sent remotely to your bioenergetic field. If you are familar with distance Reiki energy healing this would be a similar experience.
  • I love my first session and would love to attend more! Do you offer discount?
    Absolutely! Session Packages often offer good savings so be sure to check them out. You can find them in the booking tab with the link "Explore Plans" or "Plans & Pricing" buttons on PSYCH-K® and Healy sections.
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